After Juliet preview: ‘sensitivity and complexity’

Originally published by Varsity on March 4th 2018 Once upon a time in fair Verona, Romeo and Juliet lived, loved and died, leaving in their wake two grieving families and a violent feud only tentatively resolved. So what happened next? This is the central question posed by After Juliet, which follows the young Capulets and MontaguesContinue reading “After Juliet preview: ‘sensitivity and complexity’”

Review: A Fool to His Folly

Originally written 15th February 2017 for Varsity, but not published In A Fool to his Folly, the ominous, existential new play by first-year Victor Rees, Charlie Smallways (Ellie Gaunt), a young woman unable to find purpose in life, is rejuvenated by the realisation that, actually, she’s not a real person at all, but a fictionalContinue reading “Review: A Fool to His Folly”

Preview: Suddenly Last Summer

Originally published by Varsity on 23rd February 2017 In 1943, Tennessee Williams’ sister Rose, diagnosed with schizophrenia and confined to an asylum, was lobotomised. This event was deeply traumatising for Williams, and elements of his sister appear in many of his female characters, including Catharine Holly, the troubled protagonist of Suddenly Last Summer, who isContinue reading “Preview: Suddenly Last Summer”